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Québec Attractions

Granby Zoo invites visitors to come walk along the zoo's paths from which they can observe 1,000 animals, including 200 exotic species, such as elephants, giraffe, gorillas and tigers. There are also some twenty presentations given by guides and naturalists.

Don't forget to try the new rides, which include a roller coaster and the pirogue. And Granby Zoo's Amazoo Yoplait Water Park is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with an all new aquatic adventure for the whole family: follow the footprints of the god Hurakan, a new attraction inspired by the story of Hurakan, who in Mayan mythology was the god of wind, storms and fire.! Come face alligators and anacondas before defying the fury of Hurakan as he stirs up waves and storms. Wave pools, water sprays, a soundtrack, special effects and breathtaking scenery will astonish young and old alike. Complete food and beverage services available.

The Granby Zoo is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and considered as one of the best in world. A half million people pass through its gates every year.

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