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Saguenay Fjord

Village along the Saguenay Fjord

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The Saguenay Fjord is breathtakingly beautiful. Carved by glaciers more than one billion years ago, the fjord is one of the world's most ancient geological formations. It is 120 km long, between 1 and 3 km wide, and is lined with spectacular cliffs reaching average heights of 150 metres. Some, like Cap Trinité and Cap Éternité, are over 400 metres high! The fjord is also home to the famous beluga whale.

Explore Saguenay National Park. It's hiking trails stretch out over 120 km ! Here you will rub shoulders with nearly all of Québec's ecosystems - from marine environments to the alpine tundra. Follow the fjord and let yourself be enchanted by this majestic landscape of natural beauty featuring pristine bays, coves and cliffs.

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REGION: Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean

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