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Perce Rock, Gaspesie region

Northern Gannets, Bonaventure Island and Perce Rock National Park

Lighthouse, Gaspesie region


There is a place called Percé where 110,000 northern gannets and 250,000 other seabirds live on a single island, where a 5-million-ton monolith rises from the sea and where the moments are as mémorable as the local delicacies.

On the map, the Gaspé Peninsula reaches out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence like a giant lobster claw. Meander along the scenic road to Percé Rock, a limestone behemoth in the Gaspésie region. Early explorers mentioned two holes in the rock; one of the arches crumbled on June 17, 1845.

Spend some time in the pretty villages, relive history and climb the region's numerous lighthouses. Enjoy surprise trail encounters with wildlife, sea kayak alongside cliffs and coves, and cruise out to North America's largest gannet colony.

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REGION: Gaspésie/Québec maritime

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