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Whale-watching in the St. Lawrence Estuary

Whale-watching excursion

Whale-watching on the shores of the St. Lawrence River


The cold waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary provide a summer feast for 13 species of cetaceans. Keep your eyes peeled for the spectacular sight of the massive head of a humpback or sperm whale; carefully approach a minke or fin whale; experience touching moments among dolphins, porpoises, belugas and seals; or be lucky enough to admire a blue whale-a creature almost too fantastic to be real given its huge size: 30 metres long, with a weight of 120 tons!

Cruises and excursions: Professional guides lead observation cruises and photo safaris in the Saguenay Fjord as well as in the St. Lawrence River and Estuary. Choose between a cruise in a spacious passenger boat, a Zodiac adventure or sea kayaking among these majestic creatures.

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