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Located in Kingsey Falls, Parc Marie-Victorin is a 29-acre site featuring 6 gardens, a tropical greenhouse teeming with exotic birds and a provincial leader in designing 3D mosaiculture displays. A destination to discover for anyone who loves horticulture.

Indeed, nature comes to life in the Centre-du-Québec region with giant and astonishing 3D mosaicultures and giant models of insects made from recycled metal. Discover them while on a self-guided or audio-guided tour through the theme gardens. Learn more about botany or participate in activities and original tastings! Make the most of your visit and tour the multinational company Cascades, which converts recyclable materials.

Keep an eye on the program: different workshops and events are held throughout the summer at this must-see attraction. You can even pack a picnic to savour alongside the waterfalls! This park was created in 1985 to honour the 100th birthday of the botanist Conrad Kirouac, better known as Brother Marie-Victorin.

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