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Thank you for visiting Quebec We hope it has helped you to plan your stay or vacation in Québec, or to find out more about tourism in the province. Quebec has applied stringent measures to ensure the security of all data and to safeguard your privacy and the personal information that you give. However, all users are asked to carefully read the sections “Disclaimer” and “Personal Information.

In using this Web site, users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted the conditions and limits of liability described herein.

Quebec is not a legal entity. It is instead a trademark under which the Tourisme & Cie jointly operate the Web site

Following are descriptions of the conditions of use and limits of liability regarding:

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* Other user conditions

Information on Tourist Establishments, Products and Services

All reasonable measures, including updates, are carried out to verify the accuracy and the reliability of the information presented in Quebec However, Tourisme & Cie do not in any way guarantee the content or the quality of the products and services presented in the Web site. Nor are they liable towards any user or third party for errors or omissions of any kind in the contents of the Web site or any components linked to it.

The fact that Tourisme & Cie provide information on the establishments, products and services on this Web site does not mean that they endorse or recommend them..

The prices displayed on this site for the various establishments (e.g., accommodations and packages, admission fees…) were obtained from them at the time all of the other information was gathered; these prices do not necessarily reflect the full range of prices charged by these establishments. Prices (given in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated) are provided for information purposes only. Under no circumstances can Tourisme & Cie be held liable for damages of any kind whether they be from the use or the performance of Quebec, the use of any information made available or referred to therein, or the use or performance of any other Web site having a link to Quebec

Users of accept its conditions of use and understand that in using the information contained therein, they may not hold Tourisme & Cie liable for any damage or loss they may sustain following their decision to do business with any establishment named therein.

To report any errors that they note on this Web site, users are asked to contact .

Advertised Prices

Unless otherwise specified, the prices listed in Quebec are in Canadian dollars. Any prices given in another currency are calculated on the basis of the exchange rate at the moment they are advertised. These amounts are thus approximate; their real price will vary according to the exchange rate on the day of payment and the conversion rate applied by the service provider in question.


Quebec has implemented strict, fully recognized security measures to safeguard the personal information provided by users. See “Personal Information” for more information on these security measures.

Links to Other Web Sites

Quebec offers its users links to other Web sites created by other persons or organizations. Tourisme & Cie do not manage those Web sites or control their content. Neither do they in any way endorse, approve or guarantee the content of those Web sites. Finally, in no way are Tourisme & Cie liable for the content and the activities of those Web sites.

Users and organizations may create a link between their own Web sites and Quebec However, Quebec requires notification (to be sent to that such a link is being made. Unless specified to the contrary by an agreement, in no way does any link mean that Quebec and/or Tourisme & Cie are associated with the Web site in question, nor does it mean that they approve or endorse the contents of that Web site. Quebec also reserves the right to require at any moment the removal of a link with any other Web site.

Users wishing to create a link from Quebec to their own Web site must send their request for a link to .

Other User Conditions

Under no circumstances, excluding gross negligence, are Tourisme & Cie liable for any loss or damage related directly or indirectly to the following: delays or waiting times involved in the use of this Web site; the reliability of the information available therein; any user’s inability to use the Web site; any computer virus that may infect the computer of a user who accesses the Web site.

The user agrees to hold that Tourisme & Cie are insured and protected against all damages, costs and expenses, including lawyers’ fees, related to any violation of these conditions by himself or by any other person acting on his behalf in using this Web site or transmitting or distributing any information or other elements contained therein.

Quebec is intended for users wishing to contact Québec tourist product and service providers.

Tourisme & Cie do not guarantee in any way the uninterrupted functioning of services or access thereto. Nor do they offer any guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit, regarding services, including but not limited in number or scope, all guarantees regarding the transmission capacity of any service provider’s network and telecommunications company, or the reliability of the equipment of any service provider’s network and telecommunications company, or the accuracy or pertinence of the information made available by these services and equipment. Tourisme & Cie are not liable for any damage resulting from the use of these services and equipment, or for any errors, omissions, interruptions, delays or defects related to these services and equipment or the data made available by these services and equipment.

Accessing or attempting to access protected fields reserved for the personnel of Quebec or its accredited users is strictly prohibited. Any access violation or attempted access violation of a field protected by a restricted password will be subject to immediate legal prosecution.

If any condition described here is declared invalid by a court of law, the parties agree that the court shall give effect to the intentions of the parties that follow from the condition declared invalid and that all other conditions shall remain valid and applicable

Quebec reserves the right at all times, and at its sole discretion, to modify the general conditions for the use of its Web site as set out in this agreement. Users have the responsibility to be aware of all modifications, without prior notice from Quebec

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