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Contest Packages and prices may change for Summer 2014.


Events Montréal
May 2 to 19, 2013

1) Accès Asie

Festival Accès Asie was established in 1995 to promote Asian cultures through various artistic disciplines: dance, comedy, theater, video, film, visual arts, music, poetry, and new media. The artists come from over 20 Asian countries.

Tel: 1 514 885-5075
Events Montréal
May 19 to September 22, 2013

2) Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik is a project dedicated to electronic music and the appropriation of open natural spaces by Montrealers. The event is unifying, friendly and family-orientated, seeking to open the sometimes closed borders of this music to a diverse public. As such, Piknic Electronik takes place outside on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 9 p.m.

Tel: 1 514 904-1247
Events Montréal
May 26 to June 2, 2013

3) Montreal Bike Fest

Montréal. Early June. The city on bikes. Mad about bikes! Especially during the Montréal Bike Fest, an annual celebration reuniting tens of thousands of cyclists. A dream occasion to ride, see, smell and hear North America's biking capital, while participating in two great festive events: the famous night tour on Friday night and the tour of Montréal Island on Sunday. Basically, everything you need to enjoy Montréal for a whole weekend!

Toll-free: 1 800 567-8356
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