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Adventures from Ontario to Québec City
Distance: 335 km (208 mi.). Plan on a two- to three-day trip.
Regions: Montérégie, Montréal, Lanaudière, Mauricie, Québec City
From Ontario, you can enter Québec via Highway 401, passing through the lovely Montérégie region, taking Autoroute 20 all the way to Montréal. From this point on, there’s no limit to the adventures that lie ahead. We suggest you continue on to Québec City along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River by following Autoroute 40. It is also possible to take the scenic "King’s Road," signposted Chemin du Roy, to Québec City; a detailed itinerary of this route is also available.
1. Upon arriving in the province of Québec, you’ll be in the surprising Montérégie region, which spans both sides of the St. Lawrence River. Take a few minutes to stop in at the tourist information centre in Rivière-Beaudette, run by Québec’s Ministry of Tourism. Ask about some of the regional road trips to enjoy in the area before continuing down Autoroute 20 to Montréal.
2. You’ll arrive in Montréal through the West Island area. Make your way downtown to be amazed by the city’s many festivals, charming boutiques, tempting restaurants, impressive museums and much more. Walking is the best way to discover Montréal’s secrets. We suggest you take a look at the fascinating City Walking Tour entitled "From Downtown to Old Montréal."
3. Before leaving Montréal, also check out the Olympic Park and its many attractions. To leave the city, take Autoroute 40 or wind down the historic King’s Road (Chemin du Roy) for a closer look at the beautiful Lanaudière and Mauricie regions.
4. On your way to Québec City, be sure to stop in Trois-Rivières, a city rich in culture, history and entertainment. To discover its history, we recommend you check out the City Walking Tour entitled "Old Trois-Rivières and Downtown." You’ll enjoy an interesting walk along its lively, winding streets. After this stop, continue on to your final destination, Québec City!
5. Whether you approach by Autoroute 40 or Route 138, you’ll see the magnificent surroundings of Québec City, fill up on fresh air and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. You’re just minutes from the heart of Old Québec, with a unique atmosphere making it one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Of course, we recommend that you stroll through Upper and Lower Town, both of which offer a wealth of historical attractions. For more information, check out the City Walking Tour section and circuits for Old Québec City.