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Seven Natural Wonders in Québec
Distance: 830 km (515 mi.), from Parc du Mont-Tremblant to Tadoussac. Plan a 7- to 10-day trip.
Regions: Laurentians, Montréal, Lanaudière, Mauricie, Québec, Charlevoix, Manicouagan
Nature and outdoor activity lovers, this seven to ten-day circuit will treat you to the spectacular landscapes for which the province is known. From Tremblant to Tadoussac, come discover some of Québec’s most handsome national or provincial parks and a handful of natural treasures beyond compare. Geology, zoology and botany all take their natural place in your heart when you hit the road.
1. The first stop on your trip is in the Laurentians region at Mont-Tremblant National Park, the oldest and largest Sépaq park in the province. Wild and beautiful, the park is home to 40 mammal species, including the wolf. Explore the park on foot, by bike or canoe. Thrill seekers can get a view from on high by trying an intermediate hiking and climbing activity called the Via ferrata du Diable.
2. To discover the next natural wonder on your trip, head south on Route 117, which becomes Autoroute 15, taking you to Montréal. Once in the city, you will want to hop on Autoroute 40 east and follow the signs to the Montréal Botanical Garden. Budding botanists will love exploring 180 acres, home to a collection of 22,000 species and varieties of plants, 10 exhibition greenhouses and over 30 outdoor gardens. This is one of the world’s best gardens, so don’t miss it.
3. When you are ready to get back on the road, you’ll want to backtrack to Autoroute 40 and head east to Trois-Rivières, where you have the option to lengthen you trip by taking Autoroute 55 north to La Mauricie National Park of Canada. Enter the park via exits 217 or 226. If you want, you can even stay the night at the park in a heritage lodge dating back to the 19th century. The Wabenaki and Andrew lodges provide easy access to a large network of trails so you can hike through typical Laurentian Mountain nature in the park.
4. The next natural gem in this trip, Montmorency Falls Park, is located just outside Québec City. Make your way back to Autoroute 40 and drive east towards the province’s capital. In the capital, the autoroute ends, so continue along Route 138 to access the park’s lower entrance. Spectacular and sparkling, the falls won’t fail to captivate you as they thunder down the cliff facing the mighty St. Lawrence River. You can take the cable car or hike to the top, where a bridge crosses the falls. Unrestricted views of Québec City, Île d’Orléans and the river await.
5. You haven’t seen the last of vertiginous views. Next stop: Canyon Saint-Anne. For rock, water and sky. To get to this fantastic natural arena from Montmorency Falls, drive east on Route 138. Your destination is located just after Beaupré. The rock into which the canyon cuts is 1.2 billion years old, the waterfall is taller than Niagara and the sky so blue as you fly across it on the giant zip line. There are also three suspension bridges and paths accessible to the whole family.
6. Only two more natural wonders left to discover on your trip through Québec. Continue travelling east on Route 138 until just outside Baie-Saint-Paul. At this point, you’ll have to leave behind the main road and take Route 381 north if you decide you want to visit the next breathtaking beauty: Grands-Jardins National Park. This park is recognized by UNESCO as one of the core zones in the Charlevoix World Biosphere Reserve. Here, you will get a taste of Québec’s far north. Walk through the taiga and discover unique plants and animals; exceptional at such latitudes!
7. Once you’ve explored this wilderness to your content, backtrack to Route 138 and go east through La Malbaie and Saint-Siméon. Just after Baie-Sainte-Catherine, you will take the ferry across the breathtaking Saguenay Fjord to find yourself in Tadoussac [La Maison du tourisme de Tadoussac, 197, rue des Pionniers, Tadoussac Québec, Canada, G0T 2A0]. This lovely village is your gateway to meeting fantastic sea creatures (on water or along the Whale Route) and exploring the glacier-carved fjord. Humpback whales, beluga and seals, oh my!