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Summer Activities

With so much to see in Québec, you’ll keep coming back for more!

For your Québec vacation, no matter where you travels take you, you’ll always find fun, interesting things to do. Some of the most magical, breathtaking scenery in the world, festivals celebrating just about everything under the sun, and warm, welcoming hosts who want nothing more than to share their joie de vivre with you. The province will keep you coming back for more, with everything from cultural and historic experiences to the wild outdoors and nature parks, not to mention fine dining and romance. Experience the province’s best by yourself, with your family or that special someone. In Québec, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Romance, Spa & Gastronomy!

Relax, eat, enjoy. There are so many places in Québec for wining, dining and relaxation! Luxurious spas where you can unwind and get completely pampered. Exquisite venues where you can savour the most delightful meal you’ve ever had and then see a dazzling show before retiring to your sumptuous bedroom suite for the night.

Family Fun!

Looking for an unforgettable family vacation? Then Québec is the destination you’ve been seeking! From cityscape to countryside, you will find fun activities for the whole gang. There is something for budding nature enthusiasts, young thrill-seekers and playful teens, as well as mom and dad. Don’t miss the province’s multitude of events, activities, attractions.

Great Outdoors & National Parks

Rich in wilderness treasures, Québec is a province that visitors love… naturally! It is a beautiful place to hike through untamed forests, admire whales, kayak across sea and rivers or stroll along sandy beaches. Indeed, there are 23 national parks to discover, not to mention a wide variety of sprawling landscapes, from mountain to sea.

History & Culture

With rich French and Anglo-Saxon heritage, the people of Québec have special ties with the past. They are creative and artistic, expressing themselves in many different ways. Just look to the originality of the province’s fashion designers and chefs. Museums and art galleries, not to mention the smallest of boutiques and concerts, are just some of the places where culture and history come to life.